Welcome to the Web of the HPC-MODEMAT system
The HPC-MODEMAT System has the below features:

* 1182 Intel CPU cores distributed across 47 servers and 6 chassis
* 9 Tb of RAM (approx)
* 14976 GPU cores (Nvidia Tesla) 27 Teraflops (GPU-single precision)
* Intel XEON Phi 7120P (61 cores)
* 107.8 Terabytes of storage, via fiberchanell
* Red Infiniband 52 Gbs
* HPC base system
* NFS file system
* OpenFabrics InfiniBand
* OpenMPI and MVAPICH libraries
* SLURM job Scheduler (60% of the Top500)
* Scalable administration tools: SLURM, LDAP
* Monitoring tools: AKCP, GRAFANA, XDMOD

Operating system

Linux Operating System for HPC (master-workers) with kernel optimized for distributed and / or parallel computing and prearrange execution environment (PXE)

Scientific Computing Software Packages:

* Matlab with the Matlab Parallel Distributed Computing module (unlimited license for cores)


* C, C ++ and fortran compilers
* Intel parallel studio
* Python 2, 3 (interpreted language) with modules for graphic processing and machine learning (tensorflow)
* Julia (numerical resolution in general)
* CUDA (computer libraries on GPU)
* R (Statistical and Information Processing Software)
* FENICS variational modeling resolution software.
Ex. Fluid dynamics


* WRF / WRFDA (Weather research and forecasting model)
* COSMO (Consortium for small scale modeling)


* RAxML (phylogenetic tree reconstruction software)


* Docker
* Singularity

* Precision air conditioning system and humidity control

* Raised floor with ventilation

* Humidity sensors, fire fighting system

* 40 KVA UPS (up to 100 KVA)

* Security cameras

* Biometric access